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Turn it up to 11 24 4, 11:22am

@ShoggothOnTheRoof I googled "Milo Yiannopoulos calls for violence". The first three pages were filled with stories about Yiannopoulos's opponents using violence. Finally on the 4th page I saw a Salon article whose title claimed Yiannopoulos was promoting violence, yet when I read the article I didn't find any specific examples. It did mention one a shooting at one of his speeches, but not anything he said that would have caused it. If incidences of violence can cause guilt by association, then sure you yourself are far more guilty of promoting violence than Milo Yiannopoulos because the people you agree with have been using violence to stop Milo Yiannopoulos's speeches.

Regardless, "hate speech:" is still a term that haters use to suppress the speech of people they hate. The fact that it has been incorporated into law does not make it right - in fact it makes it fare more evil because you are now using the threat of government sponsored violence to suppress the freedoms of those you despise. You may say that it is only used when there are calls to violence, but I saw the translation of what Geert Wilders was arrested for, and it wasn't calling violence any more than any one else seeking changes in law is calling for violence - that is the same kind of violence you desire when you seek to outlaw "hate speech".

If it comes to that, if you use government-sponsored violence to suppress the freedom of speech of those you despise, how do you expect them to react? With a peaceful dialogue that you have forbidden to them?

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