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Battle Cry 24 5, 4:53am

@Willowthecollie Ohh geez, that's not the best part of that story. The thing is, Fox dropped the case against the Simpsons but added an extra rule. The Simpsons couldn't put in fake "Breaking News" crawls at the bottom of their shows (You know the "Breaking: Donald Trump ate a burrito in Moscow" things at the bottom of the screen), the reason being that they were worried that Fox News viewers would mistake the joke for their news.

If you're wondering why Fox News viewers would think that a joke from the Simpsons is real news, you either watch far too much Fox News, or very little.

Here's an example, which of these is a quotation from a Fox News broadcast, and which is fake?
Obama fist bumps Michelle Obama and the commenter analyzing it says: “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?” she said. “The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently.”
New Report: 120% of Americans believe that scientists falsify climate change data

Answer: Both. Both of these are actual Fox News pieces. There are dozens of these and they only get worse.