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Goodbye forever 16 6, 1:18pm

@Finn123 I only saw your comment now, I do not log in so often even if I see the comic every week. I meant access to the unified market, without movement freedom. Meanwhile the situation has worsened for the UK, IMHO the current options are a) they have to follow EU rules but have no say on them, they have no access to unified market but are also free to hinder immigration if they want and b) they have to follow EU rules, they have no say on them, and they cannot limit immigration. The option "they do not have to follow EU rules" does not exist, because they want to export to the EU.

Of course I simplify, but in general terms this is how I see the situation.

PS: All this is particularly interesting for me because I am a member of a workgroup involved on establishing EU regulations. Funny enough, there I am "Germany", not Spain (I work in Germany, and CEN / CENELEC depends on your job and not your passport). And we had to say bye to "Great Britain" recently. He was a nice guy and we were all sad about it.