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Whiners 17 6, 7:06am

Hello fellow commenters! This is an absolutely brilliant comic, with a lot of funny and original thought put into it. It's fantastic to see the boys reacting to all these silly situations, which is why it pains me to have to say this to others here:

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop with the, "AKSHULLY, lava is dangerous/the lava problem don't real/real problems exist/this is not based on anything real/my reals" comments.

We know. Everybody knows. Humon knows. That is the entire point of the comic. thatsthejoke.jpg

Some of your facts are actually very fascinating, so thank you for sharing them with us, but perhaps just try to keep it to the facts, and not the attitude of, "I know better than this and am darn well going to make sure I share it to show you how much better I am". It's the best kind of irony, that a comic entitled "Whiners" has people dropping complaints about its quality.

Let me assure you, the quality of the comic is fine. It's beyond fine. It is, in fact, the audience that might need some adjustment.