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Whiners 17 6, 11:34pm

Someone, some American in here put out the the tired excuse of how we ended up with a moron as figurehead- "we didn't have any good choices". Could anyone possibly believe the trash talked about Hillary? Hillary is a senior stateswoman with long and distinguished government service but with equally long and destructive campaigns against her and her husband. Everything Trump accused her of during the campaign was projection- he had done it himself.

Now he narcissistically claims to be at the center of the largest political witch hunt in US politics but no Donnie, no. Benghazi was much more. Donnie Trump is a tiny little man at the center of a valid investigation.

Still, a lot of Muricans believed they had Choice Bad 1 and Choice Bad 2 so they didn't vote at all. Instead of voting for Hillary with a long proven career of service to the national interest- a career that would be seen as admirable in men- she was seen as a harpy, as power grabbing by the right. Her reputation and platform were destroyed by FOX "news"- the "news" station that leaves you with less information the more you watch. Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell protégés appear to FOX as reputable??Trumpians land in power, careening us into constitutional crises Hillary wouldn't have conceived of creating. That's ok?

Each time Trump acts he reveals his ignorance and illegitimacy. When he claimed he would withdraw from the Paris Accords my immediate response was "he doesn't have that right". He knows nothing and with his declining cognitive function he's becoming less able to learn. Mike Pence is no better, blinded by extreme religious views that don't belong in government.

We had a choice. Yes. We had a choice, even after Bernie was gone. No voters should make those pathetic claims but voters are responsible for learning the truth. Don't follow the angry heuristic of the right- don't be a low information voter. Think. It affects our lives and can affect everyone on the planet. We have no right to do that, especially when it's done by a know nothing Trumpian fool. (I'm sorry he got to play president; he's my nightmare too.)