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Whiners 17 6, 11:54pm

@Pheline I made that comment. Hillary was still a terrible choice to run this year. She has failed numerous times before, and was running in an election where the major states in play had constituents who were upset and economically challenged in the Obama era. She didn't address the voters in these states (for God's sake Wisconsin went Republican. So did Michigan. Minnesota nearly followed. Those states have been democratic strongholds for decades. And Hillary didn't bother to campaign in those areas very much.) Those states, which were crucial to the 2016 election, were democratic because they were unionized states. Hillary's campaign didn't do enough to woo organized labor.

Trump is a dumpster fire. But it is the Democrats who need to do some serious soul searching after losing an election to a dumpster fire. The Republicans are acting possessed at this point, but instead of sitting here and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, the Democrats need to rebuild the party from the ground-level up. Hundreds of elected positions were lost during the Obama admin across the country at local and state levels. Take a look at Corbyn as an idea of what the Democratic party needs to be. It needs to stand for something again. It needs to be the Party of FDR again. The party of the goddamn American worker again.

Edit: I think we should PM if you want to talk more... I am sure the Europeans/non-Americans who use this site get sick of talk like this, and I don't blame them.