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Whiners 18 6, 3:02am

@txag70 "WIth all due respect, while the democrats in Congress didn't do much to alleviate the onset of the Depression during the Hoover admin, FDR was the Governor of New York at the time. By the time FDR was inaugurated in 1933"
While I've meant that crisis itself lasted from 29 to 39 (further, by some accounts, only being concealed by an onset of WWII) and FDR is responsible only for part of the problem, it should be noted that pressure from FDR's campaigning forced Hoover to increase taxes to balance the budget. Tax hikes during recessions are a big no-no, and this move compounded with negative effects of Hoover's previous damage control.

"there was a genuine fear of the breakdown of American democracy in favor of communism or fascism"
Perfectly valid, considering that effective cartelization of industry and vast expansion of federal authority was a part of New Deal. And yes, I'm not a fan of what NRA or AAA did.

"Things had drastically improved by 1936 under FDR because of things like the WPA, NRA (not the same NRA as the gun association of modern times), and the TVA."
IIRC by 1936 SCOTUS was already clamping down on FDR's legislation flood. Schechter v. US in 1935 gutted the NRA. Improvement is actually attributed to decrease in Roosevelt's "bold experimentation".

"However, economists of the day and those on the right wing in Congress convinced FDR to ease up on the Keynesian model of economic stimulus, which is precisely what happened in the 1938 recession. "
Fun fact: Keynes had a few things about administration's policies in previous years and FDR's actions toward utilities. TVA wasn't just about the dam.

" Furthermore, the reforms made in the mid-1930s by FDR are part of the reason the profits of the 1950s and 60s got distributed relatively evenly, producing the modern American middle class, which has seen its lot shrink ever since the Reagan admin. "
"GI bill" and influx of skilled labor from military, advances in mass production and therefore productivity growth were the main reason for rise of the middle class. Economic problems began in 1970s at very least. Rate of business startups began to decrease before Reagan, stagflation wasn't fun either.

"Repeal Taft-Hartley
End this phony "right to work" legislation (what a god-awful name for that...)"
Add to that "trade unions should not be exempt from anti-trust legislation", otherwise you'll invite a huge problem. Remember: Twinkies were, in part, bankrupted by Teamsters and BCTGM.

"Raise the minimum wage"
Unless that wage hike is obsolete due to inflation, it will either eliminate jobs, or businesses, or will force employers to squeeze out more productivity out of existing workforce, or promote automation. Skilled tradesman should earn more than minimum wage anyway, and cheaper entry level jobs may actually help career building. A couple of decades ago minimum-wage jobs weren't supposed to be full-time careers for independent adults, something has to be done with overall economy to return to that state.
That's something that Trump actually got right at least in principle.

"Stand with America's unions, and help them organize the middle class again, including the black and Latino communities."
That will inevitably come at expense of non-union labor or employers and customers. Non-unionized tech and IT seem to do well so far, aside for crunch time and H1B abuse.

"Replace many of the pre-existing welfare departments with a modern WPA
Focus on repairing infrastructure"
That seems to be that every party wants to do.

"Caps on CEO:worker pay ratios"
Difficult to do if CEO chooses stocks over wage, won't do much anyway. Pay ceiling should be relatively low to have any effect, and either successful CEO will resign to consultancy and won't bother with all the stress, or there will be some workaround. Either way it's mostly a cosmetic issue.

"Grants for trade schools (electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc)"
I'd say it should be "stop subsidizing loans for BS college degrees", maybe with PR campaign on top. Also electricity and heavy machinery would put some Darwinian pressure on millenials :)

"Support environmental legislature that helps workers (things like nuclear power instead of coal, oil, and gas)"
Nuclear or hydro (or even fossil with capture and storage, that requires permits for new plants) would put you on Sierra club's shit list. I suppose at this point in relationship with environmentalists you could as well switch to GOP.

"What this type of party would NOT put at it's core:"
That's college educated and urban youth's votes lost. Right now I don't see how Dems would have courage for such gambit. Maybe that'll change in a decade or half, newer generation may be more conservative.

I'm still convinced that the world is moving towards multitude of Soviet Unions by any other name.