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Gay Old Time 7 7, 12:45pm

@rphbengwaen It is surprising that I still have to write this in 2017, but ok...
1. Homosexuality is not a perversion. If you think it is, You should prove it using science or withdraw the assert.
2. No very young child answered your question, you should not answer for them.
3. There was also a reason why women were not given the right to vote in the old days, or to open a bank account. It was no good reason. Injustices and errors also happen for a reason, that does not make them good.
4. You should prove that only an heterosexual couple is a proper family, using science, or withdraw the assert.
5. Science has indeed proved that you get sexual role models from the environment and you do not need your parents for that. Children of single parents have also no problems on this.
6. You should prove with science that a gay couple is more likely to deviate the child in any significant way, or withdraw the assert. As homosexuality does not count as "deviation" more than collecting stamps (less, actually - that one is less common) and there is scientific proof that children educated by homosexuals do not tend to be homosexuals more than the rest of the population anyway.
7. Single parents should indeed be able to adopt, that point from you is also moot.

Your homophoby is, actually, much more deviated in a significant way, antinatural (only humans can be homophobes), damaging and ill as homosexuality will ever be. And it is contrary to science, that is, to reason and proven facts.

Of course I suppose you already heard all this and probably you defend some conspiracy theory according to which science defends false things because of some over-powerful gay lobby. Spare it to me, I have heard that many times and I apply the same - you should prove it, using facts, or withdraw it.

Hate speech like yours should be banned in this comic, and it seems that you are banned here regularly. If I have read this before I would not have answered you - trolls are just boring. I guess that you come here in the hope that you can provoke a fight and enjoy it. Well, I am not really angry: opinions and people like you actually help the cause of gay rights because you provide a punching ball which is much better as the more subtle attacks coming from conservative authorities all over the world. You transform straw man fallacies from gay right groups in valid arguments.

But enjoy the attention, as long as it lasts.

PS: Apparently you like trying to correct the English of others. Enjoy, then: English is not my mother tongue, is only one of the other languages I speak.