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Big Bad Wolf 15 7, 5:21am

Just to make a note here: the politicians have discussed *regulating* the wolves, not killing them all off.
In my mind, this means deciding how many wolves to allow in the Danish nature, how and when to regulate them, and how and when to act when they start posing threat to our "forest kindergardens" and domestic animals like sheep and other "ecological" or free-range lifestock.

Deciding how to regulate them now is just an attempt of due diligence - not speciocide.
This drama is merely an example of media creating a new sensation out of nothing. Someone says "ok, now we have wolves here, be better figure out how many we should allow before it becomes a problem", and then someone else says "OMG, you're gonna kill all of them, you bastard".

That being said, I understand the notion of fear for this animal. The most dangerous and lethal wild life animal we've had in our nature for decades is the tick. We're used to be able to let kids and pets be (mostly) free in the open without any need for worry. And when i see people interviewed who are against regulation of the wolves, they live in large cities like Copenhagen. Far, far away from the forests in Jutland where the wolves are. I'd like to see two things:
1: people in southern Jutland who are happy for the return of the wolves
2: capture of wolves, setting them free in the backyard of con-regulation people, and then hear if they still think they shouldn't be regulated. Then i'd care more about what they have to say.