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Big Bad Wolf 15 7, 6:36am

Many decades ago, wolves were seen killing the deer in Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona & Nevada). People fretted and said, "Poor deer! We must save them from big, bad wolves." After all the wolves were then removed/killed, the deer population promptly exploded and then stripped the Grand Canyon of much of it's greenery, then the deer starved to death due to a lack of a natural predator controlling the local population. The Grand Canyon STILL has not recovered to its former vegetation state before man interfered. And in Yellowstone National Park, up in Wyoming, they have reintroduced wolves and the forest is growing and recovering much faster because they wolves control the elk population, which was eating young tree saplings, slowing forest recovering from a major forest fire a few decades ago.

I bet with the introduction of wolves, you'll have more forest regrowth, and more control over rabbit and rat populations.