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Big Bad Wolf 15 7, 3:38pm

It can be a difficult subject to decide on. Denmark isn't as big as Germany, Sweden and Norway, so some people are scared that wolves will get to close to areas populated by humans.
Then there's the farmers who have very legit concerns that wolves will attack their animals. It has already happend with some attacks on sheep. This is an issue that needs to be fixed if there is to be any hope of the wolves being allowed to remain in the country (After all, it was the reason they were driven to extinction before).
The whole 'Wolves will kill our babies!' is, however, a stupid argument. Wolves are shit scared of humans so they won't run over and eat your baby - unless you let your 8 year old child walk all alone in isolated areas. But honestly, then a wolf would be the least of your concerns! And being scared they'll kill your dog? Well, then don't let your dog off the leash! You're already not allowed to do that in most of the wooded areas in Denmark! Just follow the damn rules and the wolf won't come over and eat your dog.