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Dear Sister 27 7, 7:38pm

It is a very sad und unfortunate case that unlike Germany Korea hasn't been able to reunify itself yet. While here, fewer and fewer people remember a time when there was no unity or sovereignty, over there only the oldest people seem to have experienced a time when Koreans have been one people and one nation. Unlike here however, both states weren't completely isolated to each other like North and South Korea. Here, West Germans could see friends and families, before in 1989 they bravely walked on the streets to protest against a communist system that denied its people basis human rights. What happened was its downfall, that only few believed was possible in such a speedy manner after 40 years of division.

If the people of Korea, especially North Korea, stand up against this system like many East Germans did, if the communication between the two states gets revived again, there might be a chance of reunification. It won't be cheap, it definitely won't be easy or fast (as more and more young South Koreans seem to lose connection to their northern compatriots), but it in the end I believe it will be the case that will be best for all Koreans. The investments in East Germany (to put its economy to the level of the west) were and still are big, but they are worth it for the sake of the reunified state's economy and its people. It is never too late to hope for a future without barb wires and a still existing formal war declaration between the two states. It never is.