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Dear Sister 27 7, 11:58pm

'@DerJulian' main problem is that more than two generations have changed since separation of Koreas. By now it's two different people, highly nationalistic too. Vast difference in GDP per capita, economic development and mindset regarding economic activity means that integration will be very disadvantageous to all of South Korea and upper and middle classes in North Korea. Despite abundance of rhetoric in favor of unification, the only group that in fact supports it is lower classes in North Korea who expect that their standard of living will be elevated to that of South Koreans. Any hope for relatively non-traumatic reunification requires such radical transformation of North Korean economy and society that it is unlikely to happen in near future. I'd say we'll see colony on Mars well before that.

No, belongs to this organization:
Andrey Lankov has a lot of experience with both Koreas, anything he writes (like his blog at is definitely worth reading.
I don't think that translations of his articles or interviews are available anywhere, so google translate is your best option even if it will butcher half of the text.