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Big Bad Wolf 28 7, 9:45pm

@comrade_Comrade You know what, it's very obvious you've already decided that there is no value to animal life and that animal welfare doesn't matter, so I'm not going to continue this argument. If you think all animals that serve no direct (emphasis on direct here, all animals serve indirect use for humans through their role in the ecosystem) use for humans deserve to die, then there's no hope of convincing you otherwise, because you likely don't care about the ecosystem or what happens to nature after your generation is gone. I also like how you just ignored the statistics I gave you about how sheep killed by predators make up less than 10% of the total sheep deaths and that hiring shepherds would prevent almost all sheep deaths while making all predators extinct would prevent pretty much nothing, but of course you did, admitting that wouldn't fit your narrative.
I'm really not surprised, though. Your country Russia is pretty notorious for widespread animal cruelty, usually landing in the top 10 worst countries for animals, so logically the average person such as yourself probably see animals as tools and not as living creatures with feelings.