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Dear Sister 29 7, 4:51pm

@Zentalon #9663854
1) North Korea's official ideology is Juche, which is a branch of communism. Though after the fall of the soviet union they dropped references to marxism-leninism, and eventually as recently as 2009 dropped references to communism, they retained references to socialism as that is one of the core foundations of Juche.

2) There's definitely no instance of communism where there's a large surplus of anything else than starvation and ribs that show through skin. The statement that "Communism is Were everyone can have anything they want with in a reasonable limit" has to be the most naïve, delusional and childlike thing I've ever heard. Maybe ask someone who lived under communism if he could have everything he wanted because everything was so plentiful, smh. Before you embarrass yourself again, maybe think a little before making absurd statements.