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Dear Sister 30 7, 11:26am


Oh Nisse, you know I was being a funny man, but I guess you are still butthurt because of our last argument about your white knighting.

Basically, you can't take humor got it. Gotta shelter and cuddle you sensitive people. But let me lecture a bit. This picture is actually very accurate, at least to Cold War standards. Things have improved a lot in Cuba and I would contribute that mostly to Obama's willingness to open some form of trade with them again and lifting sanctions (since after the USSR fell, Cuba stopped receiving their desperately needed money).

It depends on what you classify as starvation. While I would not attribute starvation as much, I would say that their stores being empty of any food was a very common eyesight.

"Cuba has - unlike many... [snip]"

I have seen the Oliver Stone documentary on Castro and his Cuba and I would say that my Marxist History Teacher actually managed to convince me that Castro was not that much horrible after all (the main problem was with Che). But in the end, he aint no saint, despite his limited successes.

Also, thanks to Vice, I've seen that Cuba is also taking a bit of a lead in medical researches.

Countries that call themselves communists don't all present the same end results, but they all show the same results in the beginning. All have gone different paths though, to the point of even abandoning communism (China being the most prime example of that, Vietnam to a certain extent).

I would be a bit more careful if I were you, passing around the word "uninformed", because it just comes off that you are the one who is uninformed of people actually having a more open mind to things than judging everything based on a meme ;)

You gotta learn to sometimes be more cool around other people, relax and enjoy life ;)