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Rare Goods 26 8, 1:25pm

@Ptarmigeon - It's not about burning books. It's about "buy it now or forever lose your chance to buy it". That's all it is. This is ENTIRELY a different thing than some political group "burning books" because they say something that disagrees with what they believe.

Besides, THEY published it. If they want to burn the paper and the ink of 40 books or so, it means nothing to the rest of us because it's something that THEY made in the first place. Publishers shred, burn, or otherwise dispose of un-wanted or un-needed copies of books all the time.

This particular case is a couple of guys who want you to pay attention to what it takes to publish a book. "Buy it tonight or buy it never", I guess. If you read the article, and/or pay attention the next time they make a "moon book", then I guess they will have achieved their goal of making you pay attention to what they are doing. ;)