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What a crime to be alive 26 8, 4:04pm

I don't personally watch that much crime shows (actually I don't watch much TV in general), but over the years I've seen numerous random episodes because my old man watches crime shows quite a lot, so I may end up seeing them as well when visiting my parents. Still, I don't actually remember Swedish ones that well. It could be the Swedish culture and society is too close to ours, and thus I'm blind to the stereotypes.

It's quite funny how these shows in general go:

American: Endless amounts of technology to study crimes. A couple of episodes without gun action is the absolute maximum, although car chases can be used instead.
German: Everything goes by the textbook. Crimes are straight from the textbook descriptions and the police solves them following the exact standard procedures. Criminals behave as they should based on textbooks.
British: Remnants of the class society and the pubs. There's always at least one past lord and lady, older concervative officers and younger ones trying to stand between the old and the new. Guns... What's a gun? Oh, that old hunting shotgun.
Italian: Everything is solved by talking, shouting, and waving hands in the air. Preferably all three at the same time.