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What a crime to be alive 26 8, 10:49pm


There are elements of that in some modern based TV series in Britain and a hell of a lot more when older stories are shown, such as Agitha Christie and the like but there are a lot more new ones that tend to be a lot more gritty. I don't get to see too much new shows nowadays but some things such as Luther are pretty good. Also a lot of regional stuff, relating to assorted areas of the UK.

Mum watches a lot of US does and as you say most of the new stuff has a hell of a lot of technology, often to exclusion of anything else and the way high level officers end up winning gun battles using their handguns against multiple bad guys with automatic weapons. Almost like a Bond film! I think the best of the US series I see are the Law and Order type which actually looks into a lot of the legal activities and also some good character development.