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Gay Old Time 6 9, 5:55pm


*What exactly is that if not degenerate?*

You see, the fact that some people (like you) remain think that it's degenerate means that it's necessary. It is absolutely necessary to expose your children to such parades so that they wouldn't grow up like you. So that they won't think this "degenerate".

I'm not gay, I'm absolutely heterosexual, by the way, and I would have absolutely no problem taking my kids to such parades. Because what's the farking problem? "Daddy, why this guy has so much leather and that lady has her tits out?" - "Well, mah little pumpkin, some people have somewhat strange fashion choice, they think that it underlines their individuality. Not something I would wear myself, but they are adults, they can wear whatever they choose and love whomever they want."

What, was it that hard?

Until people like you would die out, and your children would lose your prudeness and prejudice, gay parades are very necessary. Think of it (because this is obviously how you would think of it) as of mobile reeducation camps, targeting your children. Trying to reeducate them into normal people.