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Don't Panic 7 9, 10:33pm

I lived in a prefecture next to Fukushima at the same time, so I lived a refuge life for one week.
The place where I live wasn't near the sea, so a tidal wave was not, but the earthquake was intense.
My house was an apartment on the 14th floor, so I was afraid.

But the Thais and the Koreans who lived in the same building were more frightened than me.
They have never experienced an earthquake.
So they seem to have been afraid of that very much.
While cheering them, I have been self-possessed perfectly.

But the my friend Bulgarian is stronger than Japanese.
She who lives in my neighborhood was pregnant then.
Moreover she has lost the house where she lives by an earthquake.
But she says "I like an earthquake."
Shaking in the earth is the natural part, so she says that it's nice.

I was speechless.

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