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Don't Panic

Don't Panic

Everybody but Japan seem to be panicking about the earthquake. I was watching the news and the anchorman asked, “So how are the Japanese people and government taking it? Has there been any panic or chaos?” two which the reporter answered, “.....No. Not really” :XD:

12th March 2011

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30 M
2 years ago #9390775        



I was living in Japan at the time of this earthquake, though not in the Touhokku area that was hit hardest by it. The worst I had to deal with was a broken mug, no trains to get me to/from work (so I had to walk or get a lift from staff) and there wasn't much food in the convenience stores.
The biggest concern was the radiation from Fukushima. I'm sure it's still a problem but no-one talks about it.

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2 years ago #9383783        



Notice how America very carefully avoids taking readings of radioactivity in commercially sold fish from the Pacific.
Only individuals with geiger counters on the Pacific coast of the USA 7 Canada do this, and you have to look for their results posted on unadvertised websites on the internet. I only eat fish now from the North Atlantic.

1 year ago #9482654        



Japan is so chill about this.

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2 years ago #9448082        



First New Zealand.

Then Japan.


3 years ago #9329506        



Japan is so cool and cute at the same time:)

2 months ago #9677590        



The Japanese weren't calm at Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

After an earthquake disaster, water from Tokyo rotted.
There were much people who drank the water and died.
Asahi Shimbun said "A Korean emigrant added a poison to our well."

The Japanese who became a panic have killed Korean immigrations in large numbers.

The Japanese now think it's most important that it's calm at an earthquake disaster.

I think every kind of person can do to make it gentle with an immigration when being abundant in a country.
But when a country fell into difficulty, I think it's difficult for every kind of person to make it gentle with an immigration.


16 F
11 months ago #9560540        



That earthquake shifted the earth's axis and shortened how long a day is (very minutely, however, too minute for a person to notice.) It also moved Japan around 2 and a half meters.

2 months ago #9677432        



I lived in a prefecture next to Fukushima at the same time, so I lived a refuge life for one week.
The place where I live wasn't near the sea, so a tidal wave was not, but the earthquake was intense.
My house was an apartment on the 14th floor, so I was afraid.

But the Thais and the Koreans who lived in the same building were more frightened than me.
They have never experienced an earthquake.
So they seem to have been afraid of that very much.
While cheering them, I have been self-possessed perfectly.

But the my friend Bulgarian is stronger than Japanese.
She who lives in my neighborhood was pregnant then.
Moreover she has lost the house where she lives by an earthquake.
But she says "I like an earthquake."
Shaking in the earth is the natural part, so she says that it's nice.

I was speechless.


19 F
4 months ago #9649771        



We learned about the measures Japan takes to prevent damage from earthquakes being too bad in school.
The layout of entire cities is specifically designed to keep it as low as possible, allow quick evacuation and stop fire from spreading...
It's amazing, anyone who is interested in that kinda stuff should really look into it.


19 M
9 months ago #9591862        



So chill

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