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Let Italian men live 22 9, 6:15am

See, this is the kind of movement I could get behind because it can be summed up as "Don't hold us to the standards of Toxic Masculinity. I want to be able to live by myself and not be shamed for that." It's, at any rate better than some of the bullshit angry young men say here in America (I say as a young American man), which is often highly sexist, as they feel as if they are "owed" something from women, and because they haven't "received" what they are "owed", women should be punished. The only time when neither group will feel oppressed is when a society embraces fully equal rights. Until then, both sexes will be trapped by society. Women by men's socially constructed power, and men by their reliance on that same power to survive. A movement like what Brother Italy says here is helpful to both sexes, even if it's not readily apparent at first. Because masculine pride and privilege is harmful to both sexes.
Dammit, why do groups in Europe make more sense (or at least have better arguments) than our equivalents here in the US?

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