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Let Italian men live 22 9, 9:17pm

"We get that there are many rights worthy of fighting for, but surprisingly many men just want to shit on women."

This attitude is part of the problem. While Norway does have the decency to ask what Italy is talking about, most of the time the conversation just ends there. "You have some good points, but most MRAs are bad people, so I'm going to ignore the good points."

The fact that we can't even outlaw circumcision is proof of how much people are willing to ignore legitimate points when they negatively affect men. While I'm not claiming it's anywhere near as bad as FGM, it is still performing an unnecessary cosmetic surgery on an non-consenting infants genitals, that can reduce sexual pleasure. That's pretty messed up. This should be trivial to get down to the point where everyone who doesn't have religious justification regards it as a practice that should be ended. But we can't. Slicing up penises is heavily normalized. And I think that is in part due to the attitude to always ignore MRAs, because some MRAs are misogynists.

And some MRAs are misogynistic. But some Feminists are misandrist. It's only natural that any group of people that is focused on the needs of one gender is going to include people who hate the other gender. But ignore the sexists, and focus on the reasonable ones. You are still allowed to disagree with reasonable MRAs and Feminists. But don't let the extremists prevent you from hearing them out in the first place. Or you'll keep living in a country where genital mutilation of infants is so normalized, that shockingly few people even recognize it's wrong to do at all.

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