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Let Italian men live 23 9, 2:40am


"Feminists actually HAVE spoken out against it, and many other things that negatively affect men"

At the same time they insist on insane things like the patriarchy, a long debunked wage gap, and here is one of the big one, are the ones that caused the implementation and continued use of the Duluth model in regards to domestic violence, a theory that assumes that men are violent and any violence from a woman's part is self defence. which makes it somewhat counter to the reality as pretty much all studies show that women are about as violent as men in the home and that lesbian relationships are the most abusive there is.

On the rape point the "feminist" track record is somewhat all over the place, in Denmark we have a very neutral legal definition that essentially just says forced or coerced sex, in other places however you have had feminists stop legal changes that include female perpetrators (India and Israel) and say in England you have to have a penis to be able to rape. So giving feminism any credit here would be misleading as we are missing consistency in all regards.

Where do you see them campaign for automatic shared custody between the parents ? I'd like to know because again the record in the different countries varies greatly from place to place.

The reason MRA's or those of us regarding ourselves as egalitarians mention male GM is because unlike FGM, MGM is legal. FGM has been illegal in western countries for 20-30 years depending where you are, so is it not time to just make any mutilation illegal. This of course does not mean that the fact that FGM still occurs is horrendous and the news that the law is essentially not being enforced in England is atrocious, (no conviction since 2003 despite 5-6000 victims every year).

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