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Let Italian men live 23 9, 3:45am

@txag70 Depends on the FGM we are talking about. In some cultures it is literally nothing more than a nick that draws blood but doesn't remove any tissue (which is considerably better than MGM though still atrocious). The worst FGM is the rarest, but is definitely worse than your average MGM. At its worst though MGM can leave a man without the ability to get an erection without tearing which is physically about as bad as some (though definitely not all) the worst FGM with the modifying factor that in most cultures men can refuse sex from their wife because of this but women can not.

Seems to me we should just leave everyone's genitals alone except in the case of actual medical need, and that MD's should actually be trained to recognize when there is actual need as in cultures when any infant genital mutilation is normalized MD's tend to accept it as a fix for many problems that are more easily (and less incisively) solved.

Also seems counter productive to say MGM isn't as bad when it is used to justify FGM in cultures that don't see a difference. Looking out for everyone continues to help most those who are most at risk.

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