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Robots! 24 9, 1:35pm

Umm... do Caucasians want Japanese to praise?
What kind of intention are they? Japanese can't understand.
Good conduct should be silent.
Do they have to disparage the country I'm not eager to do the same thing as them where?

When it was Caucasians' national immigration formerly, Japanese were treated very cruelly.
Caucasians confiscated assets of Japanese immigrations and a region at WW2.
Caucasians confined Japanese immigrations to forced labor camp.
The Japanese who escaped from a camp were shot to death.
Caucasians probably looked more inhuman than a robot for Japanese in those days.
But an Italian and a German emigrant didn't receive such handling.
Though they were man of a hostile country, they were treated by a Caucasian very well.

Basically, Japanese don't believe anything as human conscience.They're thinking the man is cruel.
Do you believe you to be gentler than an old Caucasian? Really?
When it's so, I think you're very stupid.

Japan aren't serious "Pollyanna syndrome" in Caucasian's countries.
So an emigrant doesn't accept Japan.

And Europe and America are being itself Japan expected after all now.