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Let Italian men live 26 9, 12:32am

@katansi "Men commit suicide at 4x the rate because they choose more violent methods. Women attempt it twice as often."
I'd like to see source, because right off the bat I know that preferred methods vary from country to country. Also I wonder if your source separates self harm designed to draw attention (like cutting wrists and calling for help right away) from actual suicide attempts.
Someone who failed to die via hanging or poisoning with pesticides/CO/CO2 shows remarkable lack of commitment.

"Men made the draft laws and misogyny about women being too weak and men being too sad when women get hurt is what keeps that from being changed."
Wrong, and Israel is prime example. Worse upper body strength and increased traumatism are some of the reasons why IDF (which has every incentive to conscript anything that breathes in infantry or tank crews) still limits women to administrative, police and support roles. Combat aviation and some positions in navy are exceptions, mainly because they have very different set of demands. Those roles appeared relatively recently and make up only a small percentage of any armed force...
However, this argument surfaces only when combat roles are being discussed. US military has plenty of jobs that do not involve combat.

Somehow, eight years of administration's fight for "gender equality" in military only resulted in lowered training standards and abolition of navy ratings.

I have yet to see a feminist campaigns demanding equal treatment of men and women in divorce cases. Weird, I thought feminism is about gender equality.

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