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Let Italian men live 27 9, 9:28am

@katansi "Do even a cursory google search about suicide statistics and you will find that info."
Show your source then.

"The most successful method is shotgun to the head and it goes down precipitously from there."
It's a big surprise then that people manage to off themselves in countries that limit firearm ownership. Plus, if gas is less effective than a shotgun, then it's strange then that your local building code has rules about carbon monoxide detectors.
Meanwhile, I know from experience (second-hand, by sheer luck) that threat of suicide or half-hearted attempt of one can be used as a sort of emotional blackmail. Sure, males do that too, but I'm not convinced that they do it at the same rate.

"misogyny about women being too weak"
"Nowhere did I say women don't have different bodies"

"I said men made the laws on the draft and have failed to change them which is true"
And it's very surprising that feminists which, supposedly, fight for equal rights don't seem to put much emphasis on draft. That was the point.

"On average women have lower strength but considering only the most basic positions in the military require strength to perform the job that's a pretty dumb criteria to go by."
"most basic positions" is an interesting word to use. What would that include?

"And on top of that a woman can train to reach more than just the basic male requirements for fitness."
So far not true for USMC.

"So, what really happened is 8 years of stupidity resulted in lowered training standards rather than 8 years of improving training regimens for women. "
Yep. And that was done by administration of Obama, "the most feminist president".
I'm glad that we're on the same page here.

"And considering the number of women in executive positions in the military it's STILL not a result of women making the rules."
Because when you push for representation instead of performance you get someone like Holly Graf.
That's beside the point, though.
Oh, and by the way - male Generals already asked Congress to make women eligible for draft. Doesn't look like any relevant legislation appeared even at committee level.

"And, again, women are still not responsible for the family court system"
Strange, because I keep hearing that men need feminism too. I mean I see a lot of campaigning in favor of greater representation of women in STEM or against wage gap, but none for equality in divorce.

" Seriously if you want progress then it's on men at the moment until at least a 50/50 balance is achieved."
Would that mean that 50% of children should be born by men too?

"Discussing country by country is fine but all you get is that more gender inequality means worse for men and women in all facets of life except maybe when you want to rape women legally because you now own them. "
Well, if you want to make blanket statements like that, maybe you'd want to think of how single parenthood or lowering birthrate to sub-replacement level is good. That would be an interesting case to make.

"Do your own damn research. "
Wouldn't that be toxic masculinity and mansplaining?

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