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Let Italian men live 28 9, 8:11am

@comrade_Comrade Nope, you're so knowledgable about suicide you can dig that crap up on your own.

"And it's very surprising that feminists which, supposedly, fight for equal rights don't seem to put much emphasis on draft. That was the point."

So you think that the fight for the draft should outrank say fighting for the right to vote in some countries, or the right to choose what gets done with your body, or the right to not get sold into marriage against your will. Yeah having priorities is SOOOO horrible I can't believe we have them at all! All issues are equal! Cuz getting women in the draft is actually an issue feminists discuss but being able to get a job or a vote or medical procedures or not get sold is a lot more important.

"Would that mean that 50% of children should be born by men too?"

That was brilliant troll work. I forgot that after a child comes out of a vagina it's totally not a thing men can even participate in 50/50. Totally the same thing. Just totally.

"Well, if you want to make blanket statements like that, maybe you'd want to think of how single parenthood or lowering birthrate to sub-replacement level is good. That would be an interesting case to make."

What? How does marital rape being legal have anything to do with a lowered birthrate? Are you high?

"Wouldn't that be toxic masculinity and mansplaining?"
Literally no. Because researching would be reading and not talking. Good try though.

America wearing England's shirt