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Let Italian men live 28 9, 2:03pm

@Kestrad "Uh, women actually *are* fighting for the right to participate in combat."
"You can't complain about how the way the US armed forces is structured is bad for men, and then say that the reasoning behind is is totally correct."
If you read what I've wrote with any kind of attention, you'd see that I've mentioned Israel. IDF has next to no women in combat jobs. Infantry and tank crews are completely male if I didn't miss something.
Meanwhile, both males and females are subject to conscription in Israel, and women make up 33% of IDF. That's an example of how conscription can have more or less equal rules for both sexes without sacrificing military efficiency.

"misogynist assumption that women are incapable of combat"
Even a double amputee is capable of some kind of combat, in US military can select for quality. It's just that USMC had to introduce different standards of physical fitness (meaning relaxed requirements for "non-load bearing" occupations) to accommodate female volunteers, and women seemed to have difficulties with Ranger School.

"You don't actually know the definition of mansplaining, do you?"
Humor me.

"The rest of your statements are so incoherent I can't even figure out why you're bringing them up. "
Reading the whole exchange for context might help.

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