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Let Italian men live 29 9, 2:52pm

@katansi "You compared having a child to making software. That is so absurd there aren't even words in English for it."
Why, software development is one of the areas where there is strong and consistent push to achieve equal representation despite the fact that in open source contributions can easily be anonymous and are judged more or less on their merit. Now you concede that since male can't give birth, he should settle at having an equal part in raising the child. If females on average can't write code well enough to achieve equal representation, why should there be push to have more female developers? After all, anyone can use software and provide feedback, even if it's proprietary closed source.

"Lower birth rate is not actually a bad thing. Forcing women to have unwanted children is actually a bad thing. "
Birth rate below replacement level is potentially catastrophic. With the way that social security or pension systems work in most Western countries, it will become prohibitively expensive even if without abrupt population collapse. No one so far mentioned forcing women to have unwanted children. You claimed that gender equality is beneficial in every facet of life, I've pointed at negative outcome of policies promoting gender equality in higher education and workforce.

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