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Hang in there, Canada! 16 10, 2:44am

'Murica was and is … not so much "fat" but well-nourished but that poster was from mid-August last year and we had NO idea people would take the moron, stupidity, sucker, against their own interests, lack of understanding, willingness to be lied to, heuristic vote. Now there's "leadership" obese from orange high fructose corn syrup and complete unawareness of the world outside his bubble and evil Cabinet secretaries with great desire to destroy the Department they head, encouraged by Congressional leaders.

Their behaviors say we have no budget to maintain a world standing, yet if we try we're a laughingstock.

Half my reply vanished- there were metaphors about the Trumpian as Orange Word Salad, consumer of high fructose corn syrup, a particularly stupid toddler… I even wrote what I thought was a decent word salad.

Meanwhile- he has no right to do any of what he does. I apologize to you all. Maybe I'll rewrite the replay or just wait: the Trumpian hasn't decided what weight he's going to be. He'll announce that next month.