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Everything is possible when you don't believe 21 10, 4:12am

1) None of this has anything to do with secularity. Secularity is-quite simply-the government has no right to tell people how to practice or not practice their religion. The law will, inevitably, come to reflect certain aspects of commonly held religious beliefs because the state has no right to say that they can't. Anything else is a violation of one's freedom of speech and religious practice.
2) The examples @Bao was giving were giving were that of blatant theocracies, such as those practiced in Iran and the now extinguished Deseret. Regardless of your opinion of religion's involvement in American politics, we are not that.
3) Polls also show that church attendance is at all time lows and behavior almost universally condemned by religious authorities-much more so than believing in climate change-such as abortion, stem cell research, homosexual relationships and sex out of wedlock are accepted parts of American culture. One can hardly make the argument that America is-as a whole-a bastion of Dominionism.
4) Donald Trump is as religious as he needs to be to appeal to the man on the street. His election is more a result of the average man being tired of decidedly anti-populist politics emanating from the left

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