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Everything is possible when you don't believe 21 10, 9:45pm

Though religion doesn't help, Republican refusal to believe in climate-change isn't rooted in religion. There's no religious tenet violated by believing in climate change. Rather, Republicans refuse to believe in climate change because that party is completely owned by rich donors thanks to a combination of the Citizens United decision and gerrymandering. The Citizens United decision legalized de facto bribery. Gerrymandering means that political parties can pick their voters instead of the voters picking them, which makes politicians more beholden to party leadership than to the people. The combined effect of these two things mean that America simply is not a democracy. America is an oligarchy with just enough democratic elements to act as a kind of release valve preventing widespread unrest.

The result of this legalized bribery and the political parties picking their voters combination means that rich donors like the oil industry completely own the Republican party and heavily influence the Democratic party. It results in the Republican party being the attack dogs of the most insanely pro-big-oil positions like denying climite-change. And the Democrats not fighting them hard at all, being essentially paid jobbers.

It also results in bizarre things like 90 percent of Americans wanting universal background checks on guns, yet such a law never being passed. The gun manufacturer industry bribes politicians to vote against even such mild gun-control laws. A country in which a law has 90 percent approval yet can't get passed is simply not a democracy.

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