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Everything is possible when you don't believe 22 10, 12:52am

@Uhtceare "The result of this legalized bribery and the political parties picking their voters combination means that rich donors like the oil industry completely own the Republican party and heavily influence the Democratic party"
Looking at the list of richest corporations in US I wonder why anyone gives a damn about oil at all. Interesting how it's not Big Oil that has a lot of influence on news cycle too.

"It also results in bizarre things like 90 percent of Americans wanting universal background checks on guns, yet such a law never being passed"
I wonder how many of them want federal gun registry or additional legislation without removing something in return.

"The gun manufacturer industry bribes politicians to vote against even such mild gun-control laws."
Except that majority of NRA's budget doesn't seem to come from major gun manufacturers. Who wouldn't give a damn about background checks anyway, because if gun regulation wouldn't be a slippery slope, agreement on background checks would ensure their future position on market at no significant price to themselves.
Come think of it, gun and ammo manufacturers would rather like to see another Obama's term or two.

Loyalty to party over voters looks interesting too, given the obvious split among Republicans and, to some extent, Democrats.

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