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Everything is possible when you don't believe 26 10, 5:26am

Uh... What? Every shred of credible evidence presently says the believers are who are in denial and lying their asses off to keep their agenda afloat at all costs.

The skeptical science side is not who keeps getting caught redhanded time after time faking their data and skewing their simulations then making a huge fuss over things that never have come close to happening as they were guaranteed and predicted to happen in timeframes that have already passed. Nor are they the side who had to change the name and qualifications of their agenda because reality refuses to go their way.

The skeptics are also not the side who are losing their professional groups of scientists and poltical supporters left and right, nor are they the ones who have made countless claims saying other scientists were onboard with their claims only to have those scientists go ape shit over having wanted nothing to do with said claims of their being on board and agreeing with the believers claims either.

97% of all scientist agree was shown to being in fact 97+% of scientists(and their suposedly referenced papers) do not agree and the claim was fake from top to bottom sighting hundreds of papers that had either nothing to do with AGW climate change study or went totally against the AGW climate change concept.
Same with Mann's hockey stick graph data. He got it squarely shoved up his ass for lack of proper and confirmable peer review then torn apart for falsified data for what little he was willing to share.

And the list of believers failures adds more big name people and causes every few months while the skeptics side slowly builds credibility for keeping its mind open and it's data out where everyone can look at it and make their own decisions just like real legitimate unbiased science should be handled. Especially when it's something that's purported to be a world socio-economic affecting issue that has way too many unknowns and variables for the average mainstream liberal media believing dolts to ever follow and understand.

So if you think that's winning feel free to win your believers hearts out to no end! It's the best thing you can do to kill your cause once and for all!

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