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Everything is possible when you don't believe 26 10, 1:09pm

Except that safe spaces are becoming extremely overused even for trivial stuff where people decided that any opinion differing from theirs offends them and is "hate speech". That stuff has been making its way into places it has no business being in. If you haven't noticed how they spread into your education you need to wake up and smell the pudding.

Also, content warnings are something completely different.

Much like the term "feminist", SJW is a term a lot of people call themselves it which simply aren't. Both have legitimate causes and great goals but get overrun by trolls, purely selfcentered pricks and angsty teens who just want to rebel but have no clue how or against whom.

But yeah, please just tell yourself that I'm just ranting... sure. I'd love to say that the rapid deterioration of the public US educational system is not my problem, but that'd be wrong.

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