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Everything is possible when you don't believe 27 10, 1:20am


Yes you can!

In that regard it's actually a benefit to the rest of the world when the US isn't even competing to win all the fat contracts to supply new high-tech to other nations.

But on the other hand the rest of us won't have much use for all our wealth if we don't have an inhabitable planet, so I think we can all agree we'd rather see the americans taking this seriously as well.

Maybe tricking them would be a way to get them into the action? They get really upset if they don't win all the time - especially their current leader.
Maybe if our leaders just all ignored Trump in the next international meeting and instead just heaped praise on whichever nation has the most advanced renewable energy technology?

He won't know who that is anyway, so let them just all pretend it's Belgium.
So everyone heaps praise on the Prime Minister of Belgium and holds speeches about how impressed they all are and how strong and what a winner Belgium and it's leader is for having the best renewable energy technology.
And ignores the US and Trump completely.

I think that might actually get to him...

And then when we get them into competing we do slightly worse then them so they get to feel like winners.

"Oh, Mr. Trump - your American solar panels are SO good - how can we ever compete with you?"

I actually think he'd be a lot more interested then. ;-)

America wearing England's shirt