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Everything is possible when you don't believe 27 10, 4:44am


I think Trump cares very much about being praised and I certainly think he's insecure enough to have a real problem with being ignored like that while someone else in the room got all the attention.

But being him he could also react by throwing a tantrum and declare war on North Korea on twitter - so it's a plan that could go either way really...

Key would be to manage him closely and try to steer him to go for the right choice.
It's basically what every parent ever does with their children, so it shouldn't be impossible - even if the risks are also bigger.
Because when kid throw tantrums they might throw themselves on the floor in the store and shame you publicly - but at least they don't nuke North Korea.

Playing on his insecurity against Obama (I think it's actually insecurity and not rage - deep down he knows Obama is more popular then he'll ever be, and that hurts him deeply) could have been a workable plan if it had been done from the beginning.
I've read news articles in reputable newspapers that state that European diplomats privately and confidentially have confirmed to them that Trump's first question on any topic is to ask what Obama's position on it was - and then declare the exact opposite.
He's not at all interested in what the actually policy is, he almost never understand what it is anyway - he just want to be against anything Obama was for and vice versa.

The problem is that he already knows full well where Obama stood on coal and renewable energy, so now it's to late to try and fool him like that.

But it would still work on most other policy issues - especially foreign policy - as he certainly dosen't read the briefings that are prepared for him.

Tell him Obama was for supporting independence for a region called Skåne in the south of Sweden because of their long and arduous struggle for self-determination, culminating in the Bräckkorvs war of 1975-76, and he'll adamantly declare that the US from now on will be totally against the separatist movement in the south of Sweden - and probably offer Sweden military support to put down those Obama-supported rebels.

As his own foreign secretary said - he's a f*cking moron.
He knows nothing of the world and could easily be fooled like that.

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