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White on white hate crime 4 11, 9:10am

Does "negro's kisses" sound better to you then? "Negro" or "nigger", point is the word "neekeri" was on candy boxes ten years ago but now it's suddenly racist. Times have changed (quickly) was the whole point of my post.

Besides, I can guarantee you that both now and ten years ago the word "neekeri" translated precisely to "nigger". Also, "nigger" was originally a translation from spanish "negro" as well, and according to wikipedia:
"In its original English language usage, nigger (then spelled niger) was generally a neutral word for a dark-skinned individual."
"Nineteenth-century literature features usages of "nigger" without racist connotation."

Not sure why you even considered your point was important anyway, since it was not only irrelevant, but also at least partly incorrect. Nice try at trying to "correct" me without tagging me though.

America wearing England's shirt