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White on white hate crime 4 11, 1:19pm

"In other words - hundreds of years ago the N-word could "in some cases" be used without DELIBERATELY seeking to insult - but it was still always insulting. So no - it's never ever been a "neutral term"."
If it's used without intended insult, the word shouldn't be insulting. No matter what mental gymnastic you or any other idiot tries to pull on it. Is it insulting to call a dog a dog just because we all think they're less intelligent than us? If they called black people "blacks" 300 years ago, would "black" be a historically racist term in the same way? Hah.

What kind of an idiot thinks he can use google translator and "other online translations" to debunk a native speaker's translation and explanation of the word 'neekeri' and it's meaning in Finnish? 'Neekeri' indeed did not use to have a negative connotation to it, say 80 years ago. But then again, the word "nigger" was also not consistently considered an insult a long time ago, as previously proven. Do you even realize that while in Spanish 'negro' means 'black', in English it's becoming nearly as offensive as the word nigger in the U.S.? In the end, with the modern use of the languages, 'neekeri' equals 'nigger' and I can guarantee you that it is considered an extremely offensive word in Finnish nowadays, as much as I dislike that.

I'd tell you to stop embarrassing yourself, but you're in luck because nobody bothers to read your drawn out messages where you take something that could be said in a couple of sentences, and stretch it into a poorly written 700 word text full asinine statements and screeching about racism, forming a body that is an impressing blend of arrogant, ignorant, unintelligent and just plain toxic.

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