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White on white hate crime 5 11, 12:40am


Thanks for the info. :-)

But it is really true that "Nekkeri" "has been labeled here as the N-word" like you write?

Or is it that the word "Nekkeri" is now ALSO considered offensive and inappropriate in the Finnish language, besides that other word you mention - because that sounds like the more likely explanation?

That's how it works in the Swedish language and I also believe that's true for all other Scandinavian languages?

So like this:
There was once a name considered the proper term for people of African decent that was the language-specific version of the English "Negro".
In Swedish that was "Neger", and as far as I've found in Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-English translations online that Finnish word for "Negro" seems to be "Nekkeri".

And then, separate from that proper name, there was also the N-word - which was never ever considered a proper name, but has only ever been used as a racial slur.

In Swedish we've never had a Swedish version of that slur - racists just used the English N-word.
But maybe there was a Finnish language specific translation of the N-word then, like you say?

Either way, today the language specific versions of the English "Negro" (I.E. "Nekkeri") is now also considered offensive and inappropriate in Finland - but that still doesn't mean that the word is actually the same as or "has been labeled here as the N-word" like you say? Instead Nekkeri has now joined the Finnish version of the N-word in the groups of word we shouldn't use as they're offensive.

Isn't that the actual case in Finland, just as in Sweden?
I would believe so.

Well, African Americans should of course get to call themselves whatever they like. If they prefer "Negro" that's their business.
But that's them - the rest of us should respect whatever the larger community of people of African decent prefer.
No need to be a dick by calling people something they find offensive, when it's simply a question of using another word.

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