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White on white hate crime 6 11, 11:21am


Aha - thanks for the info, I had no idea about that German word.

Makes perfect sense as Gustavus Adolphus was somewhere in present day Germnay or Poland at the time and the Swedish language has been heavily influenced by the German throughout history.

Unfortunetly my high school German is far too bad to be able to read the link you provided, but I can tell you that I have found the word in Swedish sources and the connection to "female canine anatomy" is definetly not mentioned there.

But it sounds very likely that your theory is correct.

But even so the choice to use a canines female anatomy still says something about that societies view of dogs. Becuase if the word is meant as an insult you of course chose the animal with the lowest social standing you can think of.
And that makes perfect sense as dogs where rather useless for most people in those days.

They don't produce milk, wool or meat and most people couldn't afford to waste food on feeding them as pets - which in our days have improved their social standing in the western world.

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