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White on white hate crime 7 11, 10:27pm


I would agree with Ninian's comment but also add I disagree with where you say

" Hatred of blacks towards whites in 1950-ies, for example, was completely justified and wasn't evidence of black racism at all. Same with hatred of blacks towards whites in South Africa during apartheid, for example."

There are justifiable reasons for opposing bigots and oppressors but not for painting all people in an ethnic group as being the same. To me that is the definition of racism. After all a lot of whites in the US and some in SA supported the ending of discrimination and especially in the former case, where blacks were a relatively small minority, reform was only possible because a lot of whites supported it. True as events in recent years show the process is far from complete but much progress has been made and while black reformers have played a large role that would be impossible without substantial support from a lot of the white population.

I would also avoid hating anyone. Its one thing to despise or oppose a people or group who act in ways you think repulsive but hatred in itself is empty and self-destructive.

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