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White on white hate crime 8 11, 7:16pm


I can understand why someone in the sort of position you mention may indulge in race hatred themselves. My point was that its not only morally wrong its pointless and destructive for them. Both because they make the same mistake as their opponents and because they undermined their own cause and alienate potential allies.

There are plenty of human emotions and some of them such as hatred are purely negative. That doesn't mean their worthwhile or useful. Hatred is generally used by the lazy who want simple solutions and don't want to make the effort to think. X is different from me so I've assume their evil/hate them is easy but destructive. Actually bothering to think about let alone getting some understanding of another person's point of view is essential if your ever going to resolve differences, unless you going alone the mass slaughter route.

Note that understanding someone else's point of view doesn't mean agreeing with or even accepting it. However even when you utterly oppose it your in a better position to do so if you have some idea as to what's behind it. For instance with groups like the Nazis your better off having some understanding of what motivates them to:
a) Know that you need to oppose them. This was the problem with the appeasers. They thought the Nazis would respond reasonably to concessions. Hence opportunities to defeat them quickly were lost and many more people died.
b) Know how best to oppose them. How to best motivate your own people and others to stand up to them and how to undermine their own support as well as what ways they would react to circumstances.

The same could be said with the current problem with Islamic Reactionaries. You will never solve the problem by assuming "their Muslims so hate all Muslims". You need to know how to identify the degenerate extremists from the ordinary population, both physically and in terms of support.

As such my argument is both moral and practical.

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