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White on white hate crime 15 11, 12:08am

@Juhani Well, as a Pole living in Sweden I can tell that you are at least partially right. Don't know about the politicians, because I do not follow Swedish news or politics whatsoever. But so far literally EVERY immigrant in this country I've ever talked to said that there is clear racism in Sweden. Basically If you're not Swedish, you are by default less valuable than someone born here. It doesn't matter what you know, what you can, what kind of person you are. A Swedish employer will always look down on you for not being named "Svensson" or "Andersson" or whatever. The worst thing though is that at the same time Swedes are going to get super offensive if you tell them they're racist. And they are not racist "in your face". Which to me makes it worse. Because an open racism is at least something one can deal with.

America wearing England's shirt