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White on white hate crime 16 11, 2:29am

@duster00 Face it kiddo - the signs just said "It's okay to be white." Full stop. And all the Lefties broke down into autistic screeching and every college dean on every campus involved came out and said it *isn't* okay to be white. Those guys on 4chan told everyone their plan, told everyone it would make them look like the racist assholes they are...

.....and the Left did exactly what they were expected to. Even knowing about the prank beforehand. And every time this happens the average person is driven away from the Left and towards the side of Basic Logic.

Funny how all the 'violence in the streets' seems to be lefties in Antifa attacking women and the elderly. Oh, wait, one time some white guys held tiki torches, therefore all violence against all white people is 100% justified, amirite?

America wearing England's shirt