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White on white hate crime 19 11, 1:12am

@duster00 Now holdon. Its true that inflammatoey stunts arent oikophobia. I dont even think what he is describing is oikophobia because although the hate seems to revolve around race, its not *directed* at race, and if there is any white hating involved its self-hate. And its true that 4chan has a lot of branking and done by inflammatory reasons.

But i think youre being a bit misleading. Ive also seen the original posts, and it appears at least to me that the posters were honest and do think people have forgotten that its ok to be white, and do think white people are getting flack and hate for being white, and want this to stop. Theyre also very pro free speech there, and not just so they can troll. Although im sure some posted for laughs, i think its believable to think that they also wanted people to question themselves. Ive had to unfollow several friends on facebook cause they wouldnt stop viciously attacking anyone for showimg white pride and i couldnt get them to turn their concern into compassion and questioning. The reactionary treatmemt was intense and i still have people not believe me when i tell them this.

It shouldnt matter if he put the signs up. And he expressed no hate towards other people, so its hardly pot kettle. jUst as it doesnt super matter why the signs were put up. That was the point. To show the world that reporters would frequently make unwarranted assumptions about intent for anything explicitly putting white people in a positive light. News places did assume the posters were racists trying to instigate racial tensions instead of trying to sooth young white people's worries, an equally plausible reason, plus the sign said nothing hateful or violent in the first place. Its really sad, we should be better than this. It should be ok to be any race.

But dont just listen to me. If yall curious about the creation of this event, search "its ok to be white knowyourmeme" and look yourself at the least, and maybe spend some significant time on 4chan to understand thre mindset (the last one may be harder simce half of everything is sarcasm and the posters were one of many subgroups on 4chan).

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