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Do you smell that? 24 11, 5:38am

Ain't the first time something like this has happened.
*commence harp music*
*screen rippling*

FINLAND: What the...? What's up with the radiation levels...? My reactors are fine, and I sure don't have any warheads... Russia, is everything all right?
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, I'm cool.
FINLAND: You sure?
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, I said I'm alright!
FINLAND: Fine, fine...


SWEDEN: Uh, Finland?
SWEDEN: There's a shitload of radiation coming from across your borders... Are you alright?
FINLAND: But Russia said... Goddammit! Russia!
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, what is it now?
FINLAND: Sweden told me there's a radioactive cloud coming my way from your direction!
SOVIET RUSSIA: Oh, that! One of my nuclear plants blew up in Ukraine. No biggie. :)
FINLAND: Says you, man.